Whew... fresh off a 12 day vacation -- I'm baaaack! And it feels SO good. I was getting a little too comfortable being unplugged from the real world, sleeping in, drinking too many mimosas with breakfast, all that good stuff. ;)  

Here's some pictures from my vacation!

Things started off in Las Vegas, for my best friend Maddy's wedding. It was like a high school reunion -- our group of friends from HS haven't been together in a group like this for a LONG time!

After Vegas, I spent some time in Minneapolis, catching up with friends and fam back home. I became a "bonus roommate" at my girlfriends' house, got stuck in traffic driving across the metro in a snowstorm, saw some awesome live music, and enjoyed a few winter activities - lake walkin' and sledding!  


THANKS for letting me have a few days off! I missed you! We've got a lot happening this week -- Luke Bryan is in the Quad Cities THIS THURSDAY and WLLR has YOUR tickets! Plus, our 'CMA Listener Appreciation Party' is this Friday (2/8) at the Isle from 8-10pm. Hope to see you this week!!