From Social Media Expert, John Marino...
The app I've been using this Summer is "Weber's On the Grill." This is a fun app that gives you the recipes for everything from Starters, red meat, pork, poultry, seafood and dessert.
The part I like about the app is it can break down recipes based on cook times, grill times and even breaks out the grocery list for you too.I also like that the photos are with each recipe and I generally pick ones with a shorter cook time. They even break down the charcoal vs gas grill setups and do provide a "Grill Timer" so you cannot over cook your food.
For the advanced cookers they do include recipes for marinades, sauces and desserts.
Here are a couple of my favorite recipes I've found so far with the app... 
The app is $4.99 for Apple and Android users. CLICK HERE to download from iTunes... CLICK HERE to download on the Google Play Store.
Download the app today and share your favorite recipes with John and I! You can email me your favorites at and send John your picks on Twitter! 
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