Your #HotApp of the week is "Fiverr!" Everything you ever need is $5 on the app. People sell their own services or products through the app and find a lot of unique things from others too. This started as a website a few years ago and just came out with the Android version in March.
Using Fiverr, you can find people who will write a customized jingle for you, draw a character sketch, help you with math homework and more!
CLICK HERE to download the NEW free Android app
CLICK HERE to download from the Apple store
See anything that catches your eye on Fiverr?? I think I could spend DAYS on this app, finding all kinds of unique gifts for friends, and fun stuff for myself! Email me and let me know what YOU find on Fiverr, my email is!!
BIG thanks to Social Media Expert, John Marino, for finding this one...
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