Over the weekend, Jason Aldean took to Instagram to make a very clear point:


"So sick of people judging me and @brittanylkerr over things they know nothing about. I have made mistakes but i am a better person because of it, and wouldnt change a thing. Im happier than i have ever been, so thank u to all the people who support us. We are happy and life goes on. Its time to move on people." -Jason Aldean, Instagram

If you check out his Instagram profile (connect HERE), he hasn't been shy about posting picutres of the two of them. She hasn't either (click HERE to see Brittany Kerr's Instagram profile)... even posting pictures of the two of them, with what looks like his two daughters.

What do you think about all this? You'll probably remember the very public photos of Jason and Brittany in close company, WHILE HE WAS STILL MARRIED (click here to refresh your memory). As a fan, does this change your feelings about Jason?? I personally feel terrible for his wife; who's had to watch all this play out in public. Email me your thoughts at Jillene@WLLR.com or join the conversation on Facebook!