It's Spring and time to kick some bad habits. We have the best apps to help you clean up your worst habits and be ready for Summer.  They are:

Bad Habit #1: Quit Smoking
Kwit - Helps people quit smoking by gamifying each level in the process to become the "Ultimate Kwitter". Great to let you know how much money you are saving, how much tar you are not consuming and how many cigarettes you are not smoking. This app is $1.99 in iTunes and $1.32 in Google Play.
Bad Habit #2: Stop snacking
Fooducate - Helps people stop eating junk food by scanning the bar code and the app tells you the nutritional value (or lack) of what's in it. The app grades each food and aims to educate you the whole time. This app is free in iTunes and Google Play.
Bad Habit #3: Stop slacking
Yelling Mom - Helps procrastinators by creating daily reminders and deadlines to get things done. This app is $.99 in iTunes and is a great way to keep your mother with you throughout the week to help you git 'er done.
Bad Habit #4: Stop spending
Level Money - Helps people who overspend. Be better with an app that does all the tracking for you. This app is free in iTunes and Google Play. Connect your bank and credit cards into this app and let it show you your progress on saving so you have enough money to do it all. 
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