The #HotApp of the Week is the anti-social app called "Cloak." This app helps you avoid co-workers, frenemies, exes and other annoying people by selecting the people you would like to receive a push notification every time they are nearby. Say that your ex-boyfriend checks in on Foursquare at the bar across the street from where you are with your girlfriends. "Cloak" will send you a push notification so that you can skip to the other side of town! The app uses Foursquare and Instagram to keep you informed. Interesting for an app in which most social networks try to keep you connected, this one actually tries to help you be incognito in real life. Always interested in feedback with this app or others. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @John_Marino! 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD "CLOAK" (for free on iTunes)

Who is someone you would add first into this app to avoid?  Email with your answer or join the conversation on my Facebook page!