With summer over, wedding season is likely dying down, but there are still folks out there anxiously planning their big day, which is likely making a huge dent in their wallet.

Few people like to hand over all of their hard-earned cash to wedding vendors, and many find it difficult to actually pay for the big day. But there are some hacks couples could be using to help them have a special wedding day, without having to go bankrupt in the process.

Tips that may help couples pay for that wedding include:

  • Ask about a payment plan – Typically couples have to put down a deposit and pay the balance on the big day, which can be a huge chunk of change. It doesn’t hurt to ask your vendor about the possibility of a payment plan so you can pay off that final bill in installments.
  • Look for package deals – Sometimes you can get a deal if you book multiple services from one vendor instead of going to separate vendors for each thing.
    Attend wedding events for promotions and coupons – Vendors are always looking for ways to snag customers, so if you attend these types of expos chances are you can get some valuable coupons or discount codes for things you’ll need.
  • Enter contests and sweepstakes – Wedding blogs and companies often offer contests that could snag you some money or products for your wedding, and while it maybe a long shot, it doesn’t hurt to try.
  • Earn points or cash back on your credit card – As long as you're good about paying off your bills, make major purchases on credit cards that will see you earning cash back or points. All those extra points could go towards booking a great honeymoon.
  • Change your spending habits – Even small changes to your day-to-day spending can help you have more money for your wedding. Just think what skipping your three-dollar Starbucks coffee every day can add up to in the long run.
  • Sell things back – You never know what another couple may be willing to buy secondhand to save money on their wedding, so try reselling items like décor or accessories, or even your dress if you're willing to part with it.